An Open Letter to the DMN

Dear Dallas Morning News, we're baffled by your recent profile of a sexual abuser in the DFW theatre community.

published Friday, May 4, 2018

Photo: Courtesy of the artists
A few of the women who spoke out in the TheaterJones and Dallas Morning News articles, clockwise from top left: Miranda Parham, Katy Tye, Claire Moore, Kayla Carlyle, Kelsey Milbourn



Dear Editors at The Dallas Morning News,

Members of the Dallas, Fort Worth theatre community are disappointed and baffled by the recent article written about Lee Trull.

This piece was presented as an investigative article about how a community moves forward, containing interviews with a select number of women. However, this selection does not account for the wide reach Mr. Trull had during his tenure at Dallas Theater Center with high schools, colleges and universities (in DFW and beyond), production teams, nationally recognized playwrights, and casting environments at numerous theaters for nearly ten years.

Worse yet, the article does not discuss the proposed solutions and real progress taken by the DFW theatre community through the #NotInOurHouse initiatives, nor the theatre standards of conduct currently being drafted. The article asks, "What now?" but frames the question through the perspective of a sexual perpetrator and not the victims of his behavior, nor the community at large. Instead of answers, the article has only successfully demonstrated the tone deaf nature of white male privilege.

In a misguided effort to appear objective or impartial, The Dallas Morning News made a significant effort to position Mr. Trull in the most sympathetic light through the use of a production team that provided a photo shoot, flashy design, and a Facebook messenger animated graphic.

This is a slap in the face to the real victims of this man’s actions. This article offered a man who abused his position of power, a platform to rebrand his image and reframe the conversation, saying that all of his encounters were “consensual.” Through this article, the constant thread points to this man’s self-centered outlook on his behavior for a number of years.

This man’s purpose in reaching out to a newspaper for redemption cannot be more clearly seen in the fact that he refused to apologize to the victims named in the TheaterJones report, in your story, and others who have not come forward publicly with their accounts. It is too early for a re-entry story, because the scars have not been mended.

This man says, “This is a big thing that happened to me. … I imagine there will be more people like me just floating around society, like, what do we do with these guys?” Again, this man deflects, taking every opportunity possible to place the blame elsewhere to craft the narrative about himself. We sincerely hope that the answer to this question he poses is not to give these men a fully supported feature in a nationally recognized newspaper.

We implore The Dallas Morning News to be more diligent in the way that its editors and writers address the narrative of sexual misconduct. From the outcry of our community, the wounds from this man’s trespasses are still too raw for many individuals.

Also, we request that you further investigate the Dallas Theater Center regarding their knowledge of Mr. Trull’s behaviors. Leadership in the company were aware of his actions for quite some time, and yet this man was placed in positions of power over women again and again.





Shelby-Allison Hibbs (director, writer, educator)

Katy Lemieux (mother, writer)

Mark Lowry (editor, writer, co-founder of

Emilee Kyle (designer)

Shawn Gann (actor, director)

J.R. Bradford (actor)

Franky D. Gonzalez (playwright)

Kyle Eric Bradford (dramaturg)

Jeni Roller (actor, parent of youth actors)

Natalia Borja (actor, designer, educator)

Michelle Foster (stage manager)

Katie Hall (stage manager, educator)

Rebecca McDonald (director, actor, choreographer, educator)

Dante Flores (playwright, dramaturg)

Lindsey Yarborough (actor, young actors' educator)

Mandy Rausch (director, actor, mother)

Jocelyn Tiner (actor, improv troupe leader)

Nina Alton (student actor, fine arts patron)

Jonathan Norton (playwright)

Laura Colleluori (director, dramaturg)

Conner Palmore (director, educator)

Alyssa Harrison (actor, stage manager)

Dante Moreno (actor)

Osinachi Osuagwu (actor, director)

Alexandra Bonifield (arts journalist, critic, director)

Sherry Jo Ward (actor, playwright)

Victoria Anne Lee (actor, choreographer)

McKinley Haney (actor)

Brandon Georges (actor)

Shane Strawbridge (actor, playwright, arts journalist)

Christopher Lew (actor)

Hafsa Memon (actor)

Mason Bunkelman (stage manager)

Samantha Rhea Parrish (actor, musical director, theatre educator)

Alle Malia Mims (actor)

Benjamin Bratcher (actor, business manager)

Emma Barrington (actor)

Lindsey Wilson (journalist, theater critic)

Jinger Jones (actor, house staff)

Ji-Won Kim (actor)

Allan Garcia (actor)

Samantha Kirchdorfer (actor)

Lisa Miller (designer)

Lindsay Goldapp (theater Manager)

Madeleine Morris (actor, stage manager)

Kathleen Culebro (artistic director)

Fred Curchack (educator, writer, performer)

Brandon Borick (actor)

Paul William Engle (writer)

Eliza Palter (actor, director)

Shane Beeson (actor, theatre board president)

Leah Harris (producer)

Joshua Kumler (human being)

Ruben Carrazana (actor, director, writer)

Beth Lipton (actor)

Caitlin Rogers (sound technician)

Cain Rodriguez (producer, actor)

Ian Mead Moore (actor, music director, musician)

Jessie Wallace (actor, company manager, costumer)

Sam Kumpe (playwright, lyricist, survivor)

Jessica Cavanagh (actor, playwright)

Matt Ransdell Jr. (actor, touring motivational speaker, educator)

Madison Calhoun (actor, educator)

Terry Metzger (parent of actor, patron of theatre)

Karen Bower Robinson (choreographer, director)

Jennifer Kuenzer (actor, parent of youth actors)

Pallas Lam (actor, musician, stage manager)

Antriksh Agarwal

Keith J. Warren (actor, designer, director)

Kelly Kielmeyer (actor)

Brad Hennigan (actor, director, educator)

Marianne Galloway (director, actor, writer, mother)

Sarah Greenman (playwright, actor, creative director at Statera Foundation)

Ashley Rountree (actor, director, educator)

Rebecca Brooks (sound designer, Echo Theatre board member)

Catie Chan (performer, playwright)

Jason Leyva (theatre owner, producer, L.I.P. Service)

Joe Messina (artistic director, actor)

Cathy O’Neal (stage manager, former TheaterJones writer)

Andy Redmon (father, designer, theater advocate, sexual abuse survivor)

Thi Le (actor)

Kyle Christopher West (editor,

Danielle Pickard (actor, communications professional, mother)

Ruth Cantrell (playwright, actor, director, educator)

Travis J. Fant (actor)

Victoria Irvine (actor, director, educator, stage manager)

Lorens Portalatin (actor, director, editor at

Terri Ferguson (managing artistic director at Echo Theatre, actor, educator, mom)

Meg Sullivan (director, educator, actor)

Kris Noteboom (journalist, playwright)

Daniel Bergeron (designer, audio engineer)

Iris Baldwin (playwright)

Charlotte Taylor (director, educator)

Thomas Ward (playwright, actor)

Kayla Parker (actor, Alternative Comedy Theatre board member)

Dakota Ratliff (actor)

Christie Hernandez (administrator, actor, mother of a young woman headed into the business)

Jim Kuenzer (writer, actor, parent of youth actors)

Courtney Mentzel (actor)

Angela Davis (actor, human)

Christian Luu (actor, writer)

Emily Scott Banks (actor, director)

Debbie Crawford (director, actor, theater manager)

Alett Gray (General Manager, stage manager)

Ryan D Schaap (designer)

Nicole Stewart (director, producer)

Steph Garrett (actor, teaching artist)

Lynn Ambrose (casting director)

Suzy Blaylock (actor, producer, Echo Theatre Founding Member and Board President, educator, sexual harassment survivor)

Melissa Hansen (actor, entertainment journalist)

Rachael Lindley (artistic director Richardson Theatre Centre, sexual abuse survivor)

Kelsey Buckley (actor)

Mackenzie Flynn (actor, technician)

Clay Wheeler (actor, educator, playwright, director, father)

Chris Ramirez (actor, educator, director)

Frida Espinosa Muller (actress, educator, designer)

Morgana Wilborn (Black actress, educator, director)

Hilary Rowe (mother, actor)

Joanna Lugo (actor)

Laura Youngkin (producer)

Kelsey Leigh Ervi (actor, director, producer)

Emily P. Faith (actor, educator)

Jacqueline Sisser (Filmmaker, Improvisor)

Gretchen Hahn (actor)

Brian Hathaway (actor)

Nicole Neely (playwright, actor)

Chris Sanders (actor, singer, educator)

Daron Cockerell (actor)

Jack Dieckhoner (critic’s husband, arts patron)

Ariana Cook (managing director, actress, playwright)

Zenobia Taylor (choreographer, director)

Heidi Keck (student, actor, educator)

Gillian Salerno-Rebic (stage manager)

Shellie McCullough (educator)

Jared Culpepper (actor, director, producer)

Wendy Welch (actor, teacher)

Jed Billings (theatre patron)

Katrina Kratzer (violinist, actor)

Johnny Lee (actor)

Brynne Huffman (actor, parent of youth actors, survivor)

Dustin Curry (actor, clown)

Gloria Vivica Benavides (actor, educator)

Isabelle Culpepper (actor)

Emily Christine Smith (actor)

Maryam O. Baig (artist, playwright, actor, lecturer, community volunteer)

Liz Acklin (arts administrator)

Priscilla Rice (actor, poet)

Diana Sheehan (actor, director, educator, mother)

Alex Krus (director, actor, designer, producer)

Laura Lundgren Smith (playwright, mother)

Sydney Daly (actor, drama teacher)

Darryl Ratcliff (director, Ash Studios)

David Jortner, PhD. (theatre historian, director)

Amber Nicole Guest (actor, woman, Feminist)

Cheryl Allison (actress, filmmaker)

Marisa Duran (actor, scenic artist)

Jim Heaberg (actor, director, producer, non-profit theater board member)

Alyssa Van Hooser (assistant talent agent, The Kim Dawson Agency)

Melissa McQueen (talent director, The Kim Dawson Agency)

Rachel Franko (actor, musician)

Jenny Tucker (actor, singer, educator)

Dani Holway (actor, writer)

Kathryn Taylor Rose (actor, singer)

Aspen Taylor (occasional actor, wife of actor, theatre enthusiast, Angry Woman)

Suzanna Fox (actor, stage manager, mother)

Peggy Bott Kirby (actor, educator, director, non-profit arts board member)

Michael Federico (playwright, actor)

Joel Gerard (theatre critic, stage manager)

Jeffrey Colangelo (actor, director, movement director)

Stephen Gardner (actor)

Joshua Hahlen (actor)

Sharon Veselic (director)

Lillian Andrea De Leon (actor)

Chad Withers (educator, actor)

Samantha Grace (educator, costume designer, actor)

Stephanie Felton (actor, mother)

Ian Ferguson (actor, musician, composer)

Jessica Northrop Fritsche (writer, mother)

Michael Isaac (actor)

Tammy Melody Gomez (writer, producer, director, Sound Culture)

Evan Michael Woods (actor, photographer, designer)

Sarah Powell (actor, parent)

Valerie Hauss-Smith (educator, director, actor)

Sarah Dickerson (actor, singer)

Chris D'Auria (actor, educator)

Mark Quach (actor, choreographer)

Clare Floyd DeVries (set designer)

Kyle Igneczi (actor, designer)

Vicki Caroline Cheatwood (playwright, actor)

Rachel Reininger (actor)

Chloe McDowell (director, designer)

Christie Vela (director, actor, playwright)

Ellen Doyle Mizener (scenic designer, educator, mother)

Chapman Blake (actor)

Mary Medrick (music director, writer, musician, mother, survivor)

Ellen Doyle Mizener (scenic designer, educator, mother)

Robert Perry (actor, theater enthusiast)

Heather Walker Shin (actor, educator, mother)

Jessica D. Turner (actor, mother of three daughters)

Natasha Wells (singer, actress)

Donna Marquet (designer)

Michael Warner (operations manager and developer, designer, TheaterJones)

Anthony L. Ramirez (actor)

Cassie Bann (actor)

Jennifer Lynn Culver (actor)

Dean Terry (educator, theatermaker)

Joey Dietz (actor, designer, director)

Rare Orion (actor, educator)

Christina Cranshaw (actor)

Erik Archilla (actordirectorteacher)

Lindsey Humphries (directoractoreducator)

Janette Oswald (actordirector)

Mindy Bell (actor, educator)

Natalie Hope Johnson (actor)

Annie Benjamin (playwright, actor, musician)

DeAnna Toten Beard, PhD (educator, theatre historian, director, parent)

Jeremiah Johnson (actor, therapeutic clown)

Elizabeth Kensek (actor)

Isaac Young (clown)

Graham Michel (actorwriter, reverend/minister)

Celeste Perez (actor)

Cindy Ernst-Godinez (designer, button pusher)

Mark C. Guerra (directoreducator)

Jan Farrington (TheaterJones writer, mother)

Jill Sweeney (TheaterJones writer, mother)

James Venhaus (playwright, theatre educator)

Bobby Selah (stage manager)

Tyler Shults (actor)

Meagan Avery Sellers (actor, theatre educator)

Calvin Scott Roberts (actor, singer)

Madeleine Howell (artist, student)

Taz Urnov (director, writer, student)

James Maynard (director, designer)

Kelly Grandjean [Renee Kelly] (actor, teacher)

Alissa Klusky (actor, playwright, student)

Sarah Duc (stage manager, actress, theatre educator)

Isa Flores (wardrobe, stagehand, box office agent) 

Aaron N. Martin (actor)

Fiona Robberson (actor)

R. Andrew Aguilar (actor, director, writer)

Rhonda Durant (actor)

Juli Erickson (actress, teacher, mother, grandmother, theatre and film professional)

Gregory Patterson (non-profit consultant, producer)

Julie Molina (actor, costumer)

Carson Wright (actor)

David Johns (stage manager, father, brother)

Katherine Anthony (actor)

Juliana Dellasanta (stage manager)

Anna Marie Boyd (actor)

Tish Mussey (designer, survivor)

Susan Sargeant (producing artistic director at WingSpan Theatre Company, director, actor)

Kurt Kleinmann (artistic director, actor, playwright)

Tayler Evan Daniels (director, actor, teacher)

Carrie Bippert Blake (actor, Mother)

Rebecca Paige (actor, teaching artist of youth actors)

Kristin Colaneri (artist, educator, producer)

Sam Swanson (actor)

Delynda Johnson Moravec (actor, singer, theatre administrator)

Kip Moravec (theatre suporter, advocate)

David Denson (producer, director)

Linda Marie Ford (producer, actor)

Tyler Afflerbach (stage manager)

Kayla Cullinane-Freeman (patron services manager)

Chris Hendrik (sound designer, engineer)

Cora Winstead (actor, educator)

Laura Merchant (actor, musician, writer, educator)

Amanda West (designer, production manager)

Brian Christensen (sound engineer, musician, writer)

Sarah Barnes (stage manager, company manager)

Libby Villari (actor)

Dena Dunn (actor, director)

E. Angela Johnson (writer, board member, poverty activist)

Monique Abry (actor)

Kevin Pellicone (actor)

Megan Haratine (actor, theatre educator, mother)

Katherine Bourne (actor, educator, producer)

Joanie Schultz (artistic director, WaterTower Theatre)

Brigitte Goldman (actor, stage manager) 

Barbara Catrett (actor, disappointed subscriber)

Glenn Franklin (actor, director, filmmaker, writer)

Rev. Mike Baughman (pastor, arts patron, Union Coffee Executive Director)

Lauren Riek (actor, recent graduate, human)

Jeff Swearingen (actor, director, playwright)

Allen Dean (actor, designer, technician)

Robert Dullnig (actor)

Robert Linder (actor, Sundown Theatre board member)

Suzanne Lavender (designer, production manager)

Pam Dougherty (actress, grandmother)

Robin Clayton (actress)

Dennis Raveneau (actor, director)

Lyndsay Knecht (writer, journalist)

Nick Leos (director, choreographer, educator)

Holly Baxter (parent of youth actors)

Taylor Baxter (actress)

Trinity Gordon (actor, student)

Terry Martin (actor, director, educator, parent of a youth actor) 

Janice L. Franklin (educator, writer, musician, survivor)

Drew Wall (actor, producer, Director of Operations for Second Thought Theatre)

Monalisa Amidar (actor, educator, director, choreographer, producer, Diwa Theater) 

Dr. Patrick Bynane (Program Director for Theatre at Texas Woman's University)

Sarah Lacy Hamilton (director)

Charles McMullen (supporter of live local theater)

Luke Longacre (actor, teacher)

Darius-Anthony Robinson (actor)

Thomas James Mundell (actor, choreographer, singer)

Francine Simpson (actor, mother)

Brian Patrick McCarthy (writer)

Graeme Bice (designer, venue manager)

Lauren LeBlanc (actor, writer, mother)

Harmony Austin (actor, stage manager) 

Alex Wade (Director, Actor, Playwright)

Betsy Lewis, Assistant Executive Director, SAG-AFTRA DFW

Aleisha Force (actor, human, teacher of young actors)

Mary Tiner (actor)

Wes Ferguson (actor, director, educator)

Sue Birch (actor, director, producer)

Angel Desai (actor, musician, activist)

Sally Nystuen Vahle (actress, theater co-founder, educator, mother)

Winter Miller (playwright)

Sammy Rat Rios (musician, actor, writer)

Elly Lindsay (actor, educator)

Jakie Cabe (actor, director, educator)



» If you would like to add your name to the list, email Mark Lowry at

» Also, read this exellent editorial from the editors of D Magazine Thanks For Reading

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An Open Letter to the DMN
Dear Dallas Morning News, we're baffled by your recent profile of a sexual abuser in the DFW theatre community.
by DFW Theatre Community

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