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published Sunday, April 22, 2012



Our auditions section is under construction. Look for a new, improved and more user-friendly auditions section coming by the end of summer 2013. (We promise this time.) (No, really.)

TROUPE AUDITIONS FOR 2012 SEASON:  Keith & Margo's Murder Mystery Texas 

published Thursday, March 22, 2012

Keith & Margo's Murder Mystery Texas is auditioning new 2012 troupe members 

 3:00 PM 
on Saturday April 14th and April 21st 
at Hotel InterContinental 
15201 Dallas Parkway
Addison, TX 75001  
 We plan to cast 2 new actors each month this year [May through October].  These are paying acting jobs from our internationally-acclaimed entertainment service.  To quote The Los Angeles Times: "Keith & Margo have set the standard that all others try and emulate... They are the masterminds of the genre!  By far the most professional and elegant!"  The Rolls-Royce of Mystery companies... Still the best!"  Since 1983, we’ve been responsible for more excitement and skullduggery around the globe than any other troupe, producing live-action “Who-Dun-Its” worldwide!
 • Bring Picture [headshot] and acting resume with you.  
 • Have short comedy and dramatic monologue ready.
 • You will be paired up for improvisation skits
 • We will see actors in 30-minute increments
 To schedule an audition and to ask questions, email us at

Auditions section under construction

published Thursday, February 23, 2012



Thanks for you patience while we update this section. The new auditions section will be online in April 2012.

Fiddler on the Roof

published Wednesday, January 25, 2012




Studio B Performing Arts Center in Highland Village is holding


Please check website for Audition Packet:

Date:  Saturday, February 11th

Time:  10 a.m. - 1 p.m.


Please bring updated: Headshot with Resume attached.

Please list all conflicts at that time.

Prepare 16 bars of a number in the style of the show  (Have second selection ready if Director asks for it)

Bring sheet music: Pianist will be provided, please choose appropriate music, remember the pianist is seeing the music for the first time

There will be a cd player available for those of you with an audition cd.  No Sing-A-Longs

Dress to dance: Choreographer will work with grouping between vocals

NO Flip Flop or Open toed shoes please

Readings from the script will be done if you pass on from vocals to dance.  You may be asked to stay to read, please adjust your schedule accordingly:  If you have to leave for another rehearsal or performance let the Stage Manager know as soon as you turn in your form.

If you will be carpooling with certain actors, please put the information on your form.


Director:  Sharon Veselic

Choreographer:  Elizabeth Nowell

Music Director:  John Green

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Director at:

Rehearsals begin the following week if casting is complete.  Weeknights, some Fridays, Saturday mornings, some Saturday afternoons, no Sundays until the week before Tech Week.  We will be working during Spring Break: please list any conflict.

The show opens April 20, Friday, Saturday and Sunday performances.  Close day:  April 29th.

The Better Doctor

published Wednesday, January 25, 2012




Upstart Productions

Directed by Cassie Bann and Justin Locklear



Saturday, February 4: 11:30AM – 4PM



New Trick Flicks

840 Exposition Avenue

Dallas, TX 75226

The studio is located directly across the street from the Amsterdam Bar and the Pizza Lounge.  A member of Upstart will be at the gate to let you into the complex and guide you to the studio entrance.



Following the silent-film-on-stage format of Lyle's hit play The Boxer, The Better Doctor uses physical comedy to playfully satirize the obstacles presented by the American healthcare system.  It's a live-music spectacle equipped with projected video, subtitles, and slapstick gags for the whole family to enjoy.

The plot concerns a group of Great Depression Era rugrats who are too destitute to afford proper healthcare.  Velma, a kind-hearted young woman from their neighborhood, shows her compassion by embarking on a quest to acquire medication for them by infiltrating the local hospital.  When she befriends a particularly clumsy but compassionate intern at the medical center and enlists his aid, hijinks and shenanigans abound.



Slings, Mumps, and Rickets - Three sick kids

Velma –A rambunctious tomboy with a heart of gold; Determined to procure medical treatment for the sick kiddos by any means necessary

The Intern – A bumbling but well-intentioned doctor in training; Befriends Velma and joins her in her quest to cure the kiddos

The Chief of Medicine – An older gentleman; Runs the hospital; Unsympathetic to the kids’ plight

Various Awesome Supporting Roles (Pregnant Patient, The Beastly Orderly, The Mad Pharmacist, A Gorilla, Snooty Lady, A Cop, A Newsy, A Patient, The Prosecutor)

PERFORMANCE DATES:  April 25 – May 19, 2012



Weekly Viewpoints training courses will be provided by our directors beginning the weekend of February 11, 2012.  Attendance to these sessions will be required.

Regular rehearsals for the show will begin Monday, March 26, 2012.



-Audition appointment required

- Auditions will consist of movement-based exercises, so COME PREPARED TO MOVE AND DRESS ACCORDINGLY

-Auditions will also include brief cold readings of lines that will be provided for you

-Bring headshot and resume

-A modest stipend will be paid to all cast members





e-mail full name, telephone number, and time preference to

Tale of a West Texas Marsupial Girl

published Friday, January 20, 2012





Audition Notice for Tale of a West Texas Marsupial Girl

by Lisa D’Amour

Music and Story Consultation by Sxip Shirey

Director: Melanie Mason


Audition Date:         Saturday, February 4, 2012 from 5:00pm-8:00pm
                                    Callbacks are TBD

Audition location:  CATS (Creative Arts Theatre & School)

                                    1100 W. Randol Mill Rd.

                                    Arlington, TX 76012



No audition appointment is necessary; please sign in when you arrive. Please bring a head shot (a snapshot is fine) and resume.  Please bring your personal calendar so that you may indicate any rehearsal conflicts.

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script. Please also be prepared to sing 16 bars of an upbeat song – bring accompaniment on CD. Dress to move.

The music in this show is very quirky, and “NON-musical-theatre-types” should not hesitate to audition!

Our play is set in a West Texas, dusty prairie town. Think late 1940’s with a little bit of Johnny Depp’s “Rango” strangeness thrown in.  This is a wonderfully weird, quirky, FUN show with a heartfelt and “needs to be heard” message. Hope you can come play!!!

Rehearsals will begin Monday, February 13, 2012; rehearsals will be Monday-Friday between 7:00pm and 10:00pm with some Saturday rehearsals.

There WILL NOT be rehearsals March 12-March 15, 2012

Running  dates:                   Mar. 23 – Apr. 1, 2012

Performance times:           Friday at 7:30pm and Saturday and Sunday at 2:30

Important:  There are daytime shows on Thursday, March 29 at 9:30am and noon.


Character Breakdown


  • Old Man (Dr. Pouch) – Adult Male, fun loving – our narrator. Quirky, to say the least. Ability to play musical instruments a plus.


  • Marsupial Girl – Female Youth – Age range 10+ - magical and wise beyond her years.


• Woman #1 – Female 14+ - a utility player

• Woman #2 - Female 14+ - a utility player

• Woman #3 - Female 14+ - a utility player

• Doctor #1 – Male/Female 14+ - a utility player

• Doctor #2 - Male/Female 14+ - a utility player

• Doctor #3 - Male/Female 14+ - a utility player

• Mother – Adult Female  - the caring, nurturing protective soul.

• Ms. Ina Shaw – Adult Female – the busybody, the one you like to dislike!

• Sue – Female Youth – Age range 10+ - the one with potential, you’d like to be her friend.

• Libby - Female Youth – Age range 10+- the mean girl

• Pearl - Female Youth – Age range 10+ - the follower

• Fred Lupberger – Adult Male – the voice of reason

• Lacey Rubbertree – Female 14+ - the “Henny Penny” of the bunch

• Ms. Pennywhistle – Adult Female – the teacher

• Actress One - Female 14+ - a utility player – must recite Shakespeare

• Actress Two - Female 14+ - a utility player – must recite Shakespeare

• Actress Three - Female 14+ - a utility player – must recite Shakespeare

• Actor One – Male/Female 14+ - a utility player – must recite Shakespeare

• Grocer - Male/Female 14+ - a utility player

• Man - Male/Female 14+ - a utility player

• Kid #1 Male/Female Youth 8+

• Kid #2 Male/Female Youth 8+

• Preacher - Male/Female 14+ - a utility player

• Townsperson One - Male/Female Youth 8+ a utility player

• Townsperson Two - Male/Female Youth 8+ a utility player

• Townsperson Three - Male/Female Youth 8+ a utility player

Utility players may be double or even triple cast. Great opportunity for character actors to show their stuff.  Role descriptions are purposely vague – we have a whole town to populate. Please read the play and bring your ideas to the table at auditions. Script available for perusal at CATS.


published Friday, January 20, 2012




The Heavenly Muse Players will present the Southwestern premiere of Neil LaBute’s Autobahn in the Out Of The Loop Festival at WaterTower Theatre.

Up to five performances are scheduled between March 1 – March 11, 2012.

We are seeking a teenage actress, aged 16-19 who can play 16 in the “Road Trip” segment.  This is a fifteen-minute piece that will require nuanced, natural acting.

The role is paid.  The actress will be featured opposite Jonathan Pollei, whose Los Angeles credits include Six Feet Under, West Wing, and Steven Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can.

The production will be directed by filmmaker Daniel Foster.


To meet/read with the producers, Actor or Parent should contact Co-Producer Maria Zsohar at:

Please send an electronic copy of your headshot and resume.  We will e-mail you a PDF file of the short play and audition information.

Daniel Foster, Director


Dog Sees God

published Thursday, January 19, 2012



Denton Community Theatre Announces Auditions for

Dog Sees God 

By Bert V. Royal


Audition Dates:   Feb. 11 & 12, 2012  Call backs should not be necessary.

Audition Time:  7:00 pm to 10 pm


Audition and Performance Location: 

The POINTBank Black Box Theatre

318 E. Hickory, Denton TX 76201


Performance Dates: March 30, 31 at 7:30 pm and April 1 at 2:00 pm

Rehearsals will be Saturday afternoons Feb. 18 and 25 and Mon - Thurs. Feb. 27 - March 29.

Roles available for 4 men and 4 women – ages 18 to mid-20’s.  Auditions are open – no appointments – and will consist of cold readings from the script.

Directed by Kenny Fudge, this one-act play explores what might happen to the Peanuts gang if they ever grew up and had to deal with modern issues of bullying, sex, and mental health problems. It opens during the funeral for a dog who tragically contracted rabies and killed a “little yellow bird.”   CB is mourning the passing of his pet and asks his friends, Van and Matt, what happens when we die.  When classmate, Beethoven, walks by, Matt calls him a “fag.”    Later, at Marcy’s  party, when Beethoven is once again being teased, CB kisses him in front of all of their friends.  All of CB’s friends are stunned by this and Matt cannot accept it.   We later learn that Beethoven commits suicide.  A sad CB receives a letter from his pen pal urging him to stay strong and telling him of a piano player who recently moved nearby, had a rough time but is in better circumstances, and has befriended a dog that likes to sing along with him.  

For any questions concerning the auditions or show, please contact the director at


published Thursday, January 19, 2012



WHAT: Boeing Boeing by Marc Camoletti; translated by Beverley Cross & Francis Evans

This hilarious 1960’s romp, immortalized by Jerry Lewis and Tony Curtis on film, has a handsome bachelor juggling three international flight attendant fiancées.

In this comedy, an architect living in Paris has been successfully juggling three flight attendant fiancées with his housekeeper reluctantly playing romantic air-traffic controller as they fly in and out of his swank bachelor pad. But when an old school pal visits, things get rather turbulent. Schedules change, flights are delayed and chaos ensues in this whirl of mayhem and matchmaking.

This classic farce was written in the 1960’s by French playwright Marc Camoletti. An English translation became a smash hit in London’s West End, and a recent Broadway revival brought it to the attention of an American audience. Boeing-Boeing won the 2008 Tony Award for Best Play Revival and Drama Desk Award for Best Play Revival.


WHO:             Directed by Robin Armstrong

WHEN:           Friday, February 10                                     1pm – 6pm*

                     Saturday, February 11                                12pm – 6pm*

                     Callbacks: Sunday, February 12                6pm-9pm


*If you can’t make the audition times, you may submit your headshot and resume to


Addison Theatre Centre

15650 Addison Rd.

Addison, TX 75001



Bernard: an architect living in Paris. He’s engaged to three airline hostesses. Could be American or British. He’s got charm and confidence in his timetable system.

Robert: Bernard’s old school chum. American or British. A bit on the naïve side.

Gloria: American airline hostess engaged to Bernard. She’s got some serious sass in her getti-up.

Gabriella: Italian airline hostess engaged to Bernard. She’s a creature of passion.

Gretchen: German airline hostess engaged to Bernard. She’s “madly romantic.”

Bertha: French house maid. Bernard depends entirely on her to keep his timetables straight. She’s worldly and never afraid to voice her opinions about the goings on in the flat. 


PERFORMANCE DATES:  May 25 – June 17


OTHER:   Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script.  Audition appointment, headshot and resume are required.

Equity and Non-Equity roles are available.

Scripts are available for perusal at WTT Box Office (open Tues-Sat 12-6).

These roles are local hire only.  No housing or travel can be provided.

TO BOOK AN AUDITION APPOINTMENT: Copy and paste the following link into your web browser: or call 972.450.6235

Shakespeare Dallas 41st Season

published Monday, January 16, 2012



Auditions Begin for Shakespeare in the Park's 41st Season

Tragedy and Triumph Abound in Three Shakespearean Plays

DALLAS (January 16, 2012) - The winter of our discontent will soon come to an end, because Shakespeare Dallas is bringing Shakespeare in the Park back for its 41th year. Open auditions for this season's three plays will be held January 21-22.

Performances will include the Shakespeare classics Twelfth Night, Coriolanus and Macbeth, directed by Shakespeare Dallas' executive & artistic director Raphael Parry, artistic associate Rene Moreno and Stefan Novinski. Although auditions are not being held tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow, they do comprise two days of thespian try-outs for the 18 roles in each of the three plays.

"We are so grateful for the support of the Dallas community and its enthusiastic participation in Shakespeare in the Park year after year," said Parry. "We rely on our actors and actresses to bring these plays to life, which they so wonderfully do from their very first audition to the final curtain call."

Aspiring Dallas-area actors and actresses must set up an appointment with the Shakespeare Dallas team to secure an audition on Saturday, January 21st or Sunday, January 22nd. All interested candidates can contact Shakespeare Dallas directly, and must bring two copies of current headshots and resume, and be prepared to perform a Shakespeare monologue up to 1 ½ minutes in length. Auditions will go on from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. on both days.

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